Dynamic Measurement Modules for ControlNet Networks

Our Bulletin 1440 XM® Dynamic Measurement Modules for ControlNet™ networks monitor vibration, pressure, and strain on rotating equipment. These modules are designed to integrate with ControlLogix® controllers connected through a 1440 ControlNet™ adapter.

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XM Monitoring Modules Specifications Technical Data


  • Includes two channels that connect common vibration sensors (for example, eddy current probes and accelerometers) and any sensor that outputs a voltage signal
  • Includes one tachometer channel that accepts input from most speed measurement sensors and can measure speeds 1…1.2M RPM with pulse rates 1…50,000 events per revolution
  • Offers signal processing that provides synchronous or asynchronous measurements
  • Offers signal processing that provides two levels of integration and FFT processing with as many as 30 measured parameters
  • Includes one virtual relay
  • Communicates via ControlNet™ network (connected through a 1440-ACNR ControlNet Adapter)
  • Includes module configuration managed by a ControlLogix® controller and the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application
  • Module I/O and configuration tables are exposed as common tags in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application
  • Supports maximum of 10 1440-DYN02-01RJ Dynamic Measurement Modules on a ControlNet™ network
  • Provides ability to monitor shaft, casing, or pedestal vibration in rotating equipment

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  • ATEX
  • C-Tick
  • cUL
  • cULH
  • EMC
  • LVD
  • UL
  • ULH
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Resource Publication Number Language
XM Monitoring Modules Specifications Technical Data 1440-TD001
XM Dynamic Measurement Module with ControlNet Adapter 1440-UM002
XM Dynamic Measurement Module with ControlNet Adapter Installation Instructions 1440-IN002
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