DIN Rail Heavy Duty AC Surge Protectors

Our Bulletin 4983-DH Heavy-Duty AC Surge Protector combines a high-energy varistor (MOV) network with a gas discharge tube to increase performance in protection level, life duration, and suppression of leakage current. It is connected in parallel and can be located in the feeder circuit.


  • Offers UL 1449 certification
  • Provides the highest energy absorption capability of all Bulletin 4893 products
  • Includes a robust design which avoids unnecessary replacement
  • Offers a visual fault indicator that is linked to internal thermal disconnect
  • Provides an automatic trigger for SPD replacement
  • Offers safety remote signaling as a standard feature

Product Selection


  • CE Marked
  • CSA Marked
  • cURus — File E334011; Guide Nos. VZCA2, VZCA8

Standards Compliance

  • CSA C22.2, No. 8
  • EN 61643-11
  • IEC 61643-1
  • UL 1449, 3rd Edition
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Resource Publication Number Language
Surge and Filter Protection Brochure 4983-BR001
Power Quality Brochure POWER-BR011
Surge and Filter Specifications Technical Data 4983-TD001
Bulletin 4983 Surge and Filter Products White Paper 4983-WP001
Power Quality White Paper POWER-WP002
Heavy-duty AC Surge Protector Installation Instructions 4983-IN002
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