Sizing example

The following example shows you how to access and use the sizing tool within
FactoryTalk® Hub®
. You must be logged in to be able to access the tool. As you complete each step, the tool shows you the recommended runtime package based on your selections.
NOTE: Before you complete the steps in this section, you must first be part of an organization and have multifactor authentication configured.
  1. Select
    FactoryTalk® Optix
    from the list of available applications.
    FactoryTalk Hub interface
  2. Select Runtime Sizing from the top navigation bar.
    Runtime Sizing in the navigation bar
  3. Follow the wizard to select the features your application needs.
For example, if you select these features:
Example sizing selections
Wizard Category
Example Selection
Select presentation
Web HMI Client
Select features
  • Data Logger
  • Database
Controller connections
Rockwell EtherNet/IP
  • Single connection
  • Rockwell Hardware
Select interoperability
  • OPC UA Client None
  • OPC UA Server 1 token
You see these recommended runtime packages:
Example recommended runtime packages
Select the package you want to see the associated catalog number for purchase via the Commerce Portal.
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