FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro setup overview

To use FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro, you need to:
  • Download and install FactoryTalk Optix Studio on your computer.
  • Purchase an FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlement.
  • Allocate the FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlement to an organization.
  • Activate the FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlement for a user. That user can then use FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro on an online computer, an offline computer, or in a different organization.
    A FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlement is associated to a specific user, who can be a member of multiple oganizations.
    A user can keep on using their Pro entitlement as they toggle from one organization to another. In this way, they do not need a separate entitlement for each organization they belong to.
  • Download and install the Runtime Tools.
  • Purchase and allocate a Runtime Tools entitlement.
NOTE: You can rehost both a FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlement and a Runtime Tools entitlement.
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