Activate a Runtime entitlement

The FactoryTalk Optix Runtime Tools Ubuntu 22.04 package consists of the FTOptix Application Update Service and the FTOptix Entitlement Manager CLI program (
TIP: Runtime entitlements are currently perpetual. Rockwell Automation recommends installing an entitlement that is one size larger than the recommended size in the Sizing Tool.
A Runtime entitlement on an Ubuntu 22.04 device can be:
To view the installed entitlement details, use the
To perform the above described actions, use the commands shown below respectively:
  • --onlineActivate
    --onlineActivate (--activationRequestFile <activationRequestFile> --outputEntitlementFile <outputEntitlementFile> | --entitlementKey <entitlementKey>) [--enableVerboseLog]
  • --offlineActivate
    --offlineActivate (--entitlementKey <entitlementKey> --outputActivationRequestFile <activationRequestFile> | --entitlementFile <entitlementFile>) [--enableVerboseLog]
  • --showInstalledEntitlement
    --showInstalledEntitlement [--enableVerboseLog]
  • --showDetails
    --showDetails --entitlementKey <entitlementKey> [--enableVerboseLog]
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