Authenticate your FactoryTalk Hub account

FactoryTalk Hub is a secure cloud-based platform.
The first time you open FactoryTalk Optix or FactoryTalk Remote Access from FactoryTalk Hub, you need to secure your MyRockwellAutomation account through a multi-factor authentication.
There is currently no option for e-mail or text authentication, so you must use an Authenticator application. If you do not have an Authenticator app on your phone, install your preferred Authenticator app, such as the
or Google Authenticator, as shown below:
  1. Select the
    FactoryTalk Optix
  2. When the
    Secure Your account window
    opens, open the Authenticator app installed on your phone, select (
    ) to add a new account and scan the QR code.
  3. Enter the one-time passcode displayed in the Authenticator app on the
    Secure Your account window
  4. Select
    Copy code
    and paste the passcode in a secure location.
    If you need to reset your account or move the Authentication application to another device, you will prompted to provide this recovery passcode. Ensure to save this passcode in a secure location.
    If you get a new mobile phone and need to configure your MyRockwellAutomation account login on it, through the Authenticator application, you will need to go over the multi-factor authentication (MFA) procedure again.
    If you lose your passcode, contact the Rockwell Automation Technical Support from the FactoryTalk Hub and select
    Contact Support
    to open a chat window.
  5. Select
    I have safely recorded this code
    and select
    The FactoryTalk Optix landing page opens.
  6. (optional) Before you install FactoryTalk Optix, select
    Release Notes
    to learn more about this topic.
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