FactoryTalk® Hub™ Release Notes

April 2024 Feature Release
Feature release of FactoryTalk Hub. FactoryTalk Hub is Rockwell Automation's cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. FactoryTalk Hub is built for your entire system lifecycle to design, operate, and maintain your systems.
Notifications Grid Sorting
- the columns for Source, Description, and Received can now be sorted and filtered.
Purchase Entitlements
- a purchase entitlements button has been added to the top of the entitlements screen. This redirects you to the Rockwell Automation Commerce Portal.
Entitlements sorting
- on the entitlements screen, the Contract Number column in both grids now allows sorting and filtering.
View Entitlements screen
- the View Entitlements option in the main menu is now available to all users, including users who have not yet joined or created an organization and users that only have service level access.
Expiration of Universal credits
- After a Universal Credits Entitlement is allocated to an organization, no more credits can be consumed from that allocation when it expires. Any remaining unused credits are removed from the organization balance. Universal credits are consumed in reverse order of expiration date. Therefore, the credits are consumed first from the entitlement that is nearest its expiration. If two or more entitlements are scheduled to expire on the same day, no order preference is given.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
- you now have an option in the user settings menu to reset MFA.
PlantPAx® Analytics category
- the PlantPAx Analytics tile has been moved from the Design category to the Operations category.
Online Help update
- Removed outdated video introduction links.
April 2021
First public Release of FactoryTalk Hub!
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