What's New

Current Release
: FactoryTalk DataMosaix 1.2.0

Fixes and Improvements

This release includes the following enhancements:
  • Implemented Accessibility Support for users with disabilities.
  • Creation of custom Groups and Roles (Current release includes only the APIs).
  • FactoryTalk DataMosaix APIs are now supported by Machine-to-Machine (M2M) tokens.
  • Multiple roles can be assigned to the Applications and Extractors (M2M). By default, the assigned roles can be changed.
For more information, refer to the online help.

Known Anomalies

  • The scope assignment to a capability is currently limited to
  • Incorrect name appears in the response payload of roles API comprising the claim (group) details. It should show name as
    , but it is showing name as
  • While creating a custom role in the current implementation, a user can create a role name that contains only lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and _ (underscore). In the future release, hyphen (-) and a few other special characters will be supported.
  • Since the token size limit is 8 Kb, when a user is part of many groups (irrespective of the tenant, project, or organization counts exceeding 350) the user token fails as its size being greater than the required limit.
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