What's New

Current Release
2.00.01 - Oct 2023

Bugs and Fixes

Asset Intelligence 2.00.01 release includes the following bug fixes & improvements:
  • The interface screen loader is not displaying correctly in the Notification Edit and Creation Screen. (3057104)
  • The interface screen loader is not displaying correctly when Importing Model Template.  (3056751)
  • Import Images are distorted while previewing on asset model import. KPI is detailed out in the CSV empty component. (3056154)
  • When the user changes the Asset Class for an Asset, the particular update is not being reflected in the Virtual Sensor of the Asset. (3054030)
  • Unable to edit Asset Class configuration through the UI. (3053673)
  • Unable to add or delete Asset Classes configuration through the UI. (3051851)
  • The underperforming tool kip list shows KPI from all asset classes and is not Asset Class-specific. (2396678)
  • In User Management, the added User is not showing in the Active User list. (2396650)
  • The edit Asset validation message should display for mandatory fields. (2396145)
  • Toaster Messages (confirmation or error message popups) are not closing automatically. (2395029)
  • When configuring a new notification, the back functionality from Asset Selection screen is not working properly. (2394835)
  • In Trending, unable to select dates to filter even when data was present. (2394483)
  • In the Dashboard, the search functionality in the hierarchy is not working correctly. (2277477)
  • Getting Error Message on landing into the application and “GetKPIRollup-API”  is failing with 500. (3121767)
  • There is a sizing problem with the popup trend for the Sensor. (3109807)
  • Deleted Asset still shows under the Assets tab. (3108137)
  • Function setup view info showing information for other selected assets. (3103023)
  • The sensor fault trend tab has a sizing problem, and the trend is too small. (3101574)
  • The KPI Projection Method generating unreliable forecasts. (3101195)
  • The Alert Count Mismatch in Alert Summary and KPI Cards. (3101184)
  • An error toast message appears when the app is initially loaded or refreshed. (3101129)
  • Alert Status Change  "Open to Close" is displayed in Log as " InProgress to Complete". (3094583)
  • Duplicate Sensor data is showing in the Staging environment. (3093757)
  • Displaying errors within the Info tab on the component-level dashboard. (3092798)
  • Popup Trend for KPI/Sensor is not displaying. (3092767)
  • UI Navigation Issue in Configuration - Asset/Component KPI and Component Advisory Data does not update. (3092563)
  • The full list of Generic Asset Model templates shows as unavailable in the application when deployed. (3092482)
  • The deleted Asset is Showing in Underperforming Assets. (3091702)
  • In the Compare Asset page, the issue with KPIs is not lining up and Component Risk Score Units are missing. (3085535)
  • On the Component page, issue with the Advisory Trend tab. (3085531)
  • On the Sensor Fault page, the Trend tab is not loading. (3085526)
  • An issue in Horizontal bar scaling for Thresholds. (3085515)
  • Loader should be shown in UI when waiting for API response. (3081169)
  • History is not showing for Component. (3080655)
  • Getting a random popup on the left when adding hierarchy. (3078350)
  • Unable to add sensor on prod. (3069497)
  • UI does not load for the first time when clicking on the AI tile. (3067997)
  • In Email Notification, Notification email is not going if there is a sensor configured at asset level only. (3062658)
  • Production KPI /Throughput mechanism to show it on the dashboard. (3057418)
  • After a few minutes of inactivity on the UI, a popup appears. (3056985)
  • The user is unable to Export the Asset template from the Asset Hierarchy using the export asset option. (3056047)
  • The user is unable to Import Hierarchy. (3053504)
  • Unable to configure the Health Index for KPI rollup. (3051805)
  • Unnecessary functions lying in pre-loaded functions. (3051789)
  • In the dashboard, the KPI configuration and KPI card are showing the wrong color. (2397089)
  • Dashboard card shows wrong KPI color in donut chart for Dashboard & Dashboard Setup. (2397086)
  • In Trending, chart loading is slow. (2396025)
  • In Trending, chart plotting is extremely slow. (2396024)
  • In Trending, the average is not changing based on date. (2394480)
  • The search Functionality is not working for hierarchy. (2381120)
  • When adding the first node it gives the error ' invalid parent id'. (2379874)
  • Asset View History is not working properly, it is showing the history for everything in Asset history, it should show related to the selected Asset to Selected node and its childs. (2379698)
  • Validation fails when the user is trying to add a Physical Sensor for a component. (2377140) 

Known Anomalies

  • Able to Import Model Template when Asset is in Draft Configuration Status. (3056246)
  • Partial Hierarchy Export is not working, only exports full Hierarchy. (3055750)
  • While using the equation builder, the constant entry functionality is not working. (3051829)
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