Editor’s Viewpoint: Virtually Everything is Going… Virtual

Executive Editor Theresa Houck describes the 2020 Automation Fair At Home event, an online experience that includes technical training, product and technology showcases, industry forums and trade show experiences.

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Theresa Houck, Executive Editor

Meetings, client calls, videos, screen sharing — most daily business activities are “virtual” now because of COVID-19. While virtual events such as webinars and small-scale meetings have been around for years, 2020 is the year when everything went into hyper drive to transition content intended for live audiences to the online world.

A great example is ROKLive in June 2020 (formerly Rockwell Automation TechEd), the Rockwell Automation industrial digital transformation event and education experience. It drew record attendance! And the content is available online until November, including training sessions, labs and presentations from industry experts showcasing opportunities and advancements in digital transformation. 

This year’s Automation Fair® event also is going online. Automation Fair At Home is Nov. 16-20. Location: Your home. Dress code: Your choice. Airfare: $0. As you’ll learn in our preview in our August issue, Automation Fair At Home will be a dynamic virtual experience includes technical training, product and technology showcases, customized demos for customers, industry forums, and trade show experiences.

Also, in this issue of The Journal, you’ll learn about motor and power technology advancements, including self-aware variable-frequency drives (VFDs) that contain analytics technology within their firmware to implement predictive maintenance. Get that — built-in predictive-maintenance. I love technology.

In this “new normal” phase — which, let’s face it, is just plain normal at this point — we’re all adjusting to make changes needed to stay competitive. The Automation Fair At Home event is designed to provide you with information to help you do that. Until next time ….

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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