Harmonic Mitigation in VFD Applications

Discover the effects of harmonics on power quality and compare various mitigation techniques

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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Increased adoption of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) throughout industrial processes is driving a closer examination of one of their side effects - harmonic distortion.

In an effort to counteract the negative consequences of harmonics, designers are relying on the IEEE-519 standard for assistance with sizing and specification of peripheral devices. The application of this standard is sometimes misunderstood, which results in either insufficient harmonic mitigation or over-sizing of components at the expense of efficiency.

This Webinar aims to educate designers on the correct application of the IEEE 519 standard, and discusses various approaches taken to dampen harmonics generated on the line-side of VFDs, including Active Front End technology.


Adam Davis, Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

Adam Davis is the Business Development Manager for Rockwell Automation's Architecture Drives portfolio.

Jerry Agashe,  Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

Jerry Agashe is the Business Development Manager for EPC clients in Western Canada.