Engage People and Resources

Lower Your Total Cost to Design, Develop, and Deliver

Engage People and Resources

Improve your performance with solutions and services to lower the Total Cost to Design, Develop and DeliverSM machines and equipment and meet customer requirements.

Optimize Your Business Performance

Defining Machinery Value Beyond Cost

To compete in this global marketplace, you must define value beyond the cost of your machinery and maximize company performance.

We strive for a holistic approach that focuses on your machinery and business performance. We can help you go beyond a bill-of-material focus to improve your market value, optimize your business costs, and ultimately improve customer effectiveness.

Engage us to help you:

  • Brainstorm new approaches and solutions
  • Facilitate sharing of non-proprietary solutions by leveraging our industry expertise
  • Challenge the status quo to develop the best solution possible
  • Propose new practices, methods, or tools to achieve a more effective outcome

At every stage in the lifecycle of your machines and equipment, we can help. From design, to build, to operation and maintenance, you can count on the continuum of our technology, resources, and people.

Supporting Your Business

Industry Focused OEM Team

Your reputation rests on building machines and equipment that meet customer demands. Our technical consultants, engineers, and project managers can help you solve key issues and differentiate your company in a competitive global environment.


PartnerNetwork™ members are leading companies that have experience delivering products or services that are designed to work with our solutions. The collaboration among members helps streamline your supply chain, simplify project implementation, and receive the best value for your automation investment.

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Training and Support

As your equipment lifecycle changes, so does your need for technical support. We give you the flexibility to choose the level of electronic and phone support you need, when and where you need it. From service to risk assessments, we provide training and support through the entire lifecycle of your automation equipment.

Learn More About Remote Support Explore Our Training Services

Achieve New and Innovative Solutions

A Closer Look at OEM Competency Centers

Machinery changes can be difficult and costly. Our Competency Centers combine unparalleled engineering know-how with state-of-the-art testing equipment to help you achieve new and innovative solutions.

Use our Competency Centers to reduce your time to market, receive specialized support, inspire designs, and identify application issues.

Centers are located in Bologna, Italy; New Delhi and Bangalore, India; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Singapore; and Melbourne, Australia. These centers:

  • Help reduce testing time to save money and resources
  • Help reduce development budget and time-to-market
  • Provide comprehensive specialized support for application development
  • Connect you with Global OEM Technical Consultants (GOTCs) and personal customer service representatives to inspire new designs
  • Identify difficulties with new applications early in the planning and development phase to shorten development and design times

Join Our OEM Program

Increase Co-marketing Opportunities, Leverage Technology

As part of the OEM Program, you can expect increased co-marketing opportunities, better market planning with our sales force, and improved customer engagement with co-managed objectives. In addition, your equipment can fully leverage our technology.

Join our program to help increase market awareness, expand into new market sectors, and improve technical competency and functional excellence.

Program Levels:

  • Developer Level: Companies that want to take advantage of our software and competency development tools
  • Participant Level: Companies that use our extensive content in at least one machine/equipment bill-of-material (BOM), as qualified by Rockwell Automation
  • Partner Level: Companies that show a commitment to use our content across their portfolios
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