Safety and Productivity

Achieve Balance with Safety and Performance

Safety and Productivity

The safety of people, machines, and processes is a key element of any sustainable business. Numerous studies show that best-in-class performers achieve higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers. With unrivalled credentials in automation and safety, and as the world leader in industrial automation and safety technologies, we are ready to support you to develop more efficient, safer, and more productive manufacturing solutions.

Safety Helps to Increase Productivity

Top manufacturers continue to discredit the age-old notion that safety and productivity have separate and competitive goals. These leaders use a combination of integrated safety solutions and new international standards to optimize their uptime and productivity. Learn how you can minimize safety-related downtime that hinders your ability to be more productive.

Smart Safety

Enable Smarter Machines and Equipment

Harness the power of safety and operational data, and you can substantially improve safety compliance, machinery productivity, and performance.

Smart Safety solutions provide detailed diagnostic data to your design environment, visualization system, information software, and GuardLogix® Programmable Automation Controller. These solutions enable smarter machines for use in The Connected Enterprise.

Safety and Risk Management in the Age of IIoT

The safety function is often viewed as the compliance police in industrial operations that lead to the view that workplace safety comes at the expense of productivity. Today, EHS and safety management are more often viewed as vital contributors to operational excellence and business performance. LNS Research offers perspective on safety and risk management in this detailed whitepaper.

Critical Business Issues for Safety Professionals

Effective safety programs optimize productivity and protect workers, equipment, reputation, and the environment. Learn more about how best-in-class performers collaborate across departments to achieve business objectives.

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