Conveyance and Transportation

Proven Products and Experience for Reliable and Safe Mineral Transportation

Whether you transport minerals or personnel, production yield and the safety of people are critical. They depend on the reliable and continuous operation of your conveyance and transportation systems. You also face the significant challenges of globalization and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Therefore, the ability to avoid downtime and energy waste and minimize operational costs is a key requirement in these applications. Our team of knowledgeable professionals, combined with reliable, robust, and proven motor control equipment, can help you meet these challenges.

Optimize Automated Mining Operations

A Stacker/Reclaimer Solution that Helps Maximize Productivity

Our stacker/reclaimer solution helps address your conveyance challenges with precision control, drive coordination, motor control, condition monitoring and more. Seamlessly integrate the stacker/reclaimer solution into your connected mine to help maximize use of your assets and optimize your operations.

Maximize Uptime, Safety, and Efficiency

High-performance Motor Control for Efficient, Safe, and Reliable Operation

Material handling in a mining environment is a critical application throughout the supply chain. Halted conveyor lines have a significant impact on your operation. For that reason, reliability and the design of conveyance and transportation systems are key to the performance of your operations.

You hoist minerals from underground or use conveyors to transfer them across multiple levels and into grinders/milling or processing facilities. Our motor control equipment helps you keep precise, coordinated speed and torque control.

Our PowerFlex® low voltage and medium voltage variable speed drives are on thousands of installations globally. These products demonstrate day after day that they are reliable motor control equipment and well suited for this application.They have been proven in the harsh conditions of mining environments and operating under the most demanding motor control specifications.

Their safety functions and efficient operation help you reduce energy costs and meet safety requirements. They have a relatively low-cost installation and simple design. This design helps provide an easy way for the conveyor to be extended or relocated as the mine point of extraction moves. Our motor controls are fully integrated into our mining solutions systems to enable a complete, end-to-end connected mine.

Drive High-performance Mineral Transportation

Improved Flexibility and Productivity with PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Your need for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use is evident in every detail of our PowerFlex® 750 series drives. The result is a family of drives that provides an exceptional user experience, from initial programming through operation. These drives provide maximum flexibility and performance up to 2000 Hp/1500 kW. It is ideal for applications requiring positioning, speed, or torque control.

The safe torque-off and safe speed monitor functions help protect personnel and equipment and reduces machine downtime. The embedded EtherNet/IP port enables ease of integration with plant control systems, which includes our mining solutions for a connected mine operation. The PowerFlex family of products is ideal for hoists, conveyors, winches, and other mining operator machines.

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AGL Loy Yang Upgrades Mine Conveyor

Medium Voltage Drive Solution Helps Streamline System Upgrade

AGL Loy Yang upgraded its four-level open-cut coal mine facility, Loy Yang Mine. The upgrade included the redesign and progressive changeover of the existing coal transfer conveyor drive systems in the mine. AGL Loy Yang required a drive solution capable of withstanding the rugged mine environment while delivering premium around-the-clock performance. It enlisted the engineering experience of Rockwell Automation to provide a solution.

In a collaborative effort, Rockwell Automation and the AGL Loy Yang engineering team developed a new drive solution. It was founded on the PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage (MV) AC drive. It provides space-efficient speed and torque control across a range of demanding drive applications. Read about how this collaborative effort resulted in a system with improved reliability and flexibility in the Loy Yang mine.

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