Reduce your automation project development time using Application Code Manager and Machine Builder Libraries

Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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This webinar will cover how to quickly build your automation projects using Studio 5000 Automation Application Code Manager and the Machine Builder library to develop a Process Skid Application.  See how configuration, not programming is used by selecting library objects (control modules, equipment modules, Units, etc.) and providing configuration data, such as object name and descriptions, equipment set points, control interlocks, I/O mapping, .... required for your project.  

Once all the configuration, not programming is provided the project will be built (i.e. ACD file) which can be downloaded to a controller.

We will also demonstrate how to customize the resulting project file using Studio 5000 Logix Designer and then bringing the projects back together into Application Code Manager.

In addition, this webinar will provide an introduction on how to create your own highly parameterized library objects for modular reuse and flexibility using ACM Library Designer.

Antoon Laane, European Product Manager - Automation Software, Rockwell Automation
Petr Zaruba, European Commercial Engineer, Rockwell Automation