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Lisa Scanlon shares her son’s epilepsy diagnosis at four months old, and how Rockwell Automation has supported her family and career while they continue to navigate the unknown.

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When Lisa Scanlon became a mom, she expected sleepless nights and days filled with firsts – learning how to handle each stage of her son’s growth and development.

She could not have imagined that at just four months old, her son Hayden would start having seizures so intense they are considered catastrophic. At eight months old, Hayden was diagnosed with a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome, a severe type of epilepsy.

Lisa’s life flipped so dramatically that it took her and her husband, Kyle, almost a year to understand how epilepsy affects Hayden’s physical, mental and emotional development, and to connect with other parents dealing with traumatic health issues.

“There was a time when Hayden spent so many days in the hospital, that room became a second home to us,” Lisa recalls. “Our careers and our life had to change, as Hayden’s health and well-being became our priority.”

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To help parents find support and resources, Lisa has become active in the Epilepsy Association and with the Rockwell Automation employee resource group ROKability, focused on helping people and families reach their full potential through inclusion, representation and access to accommodations.

“I’m sharing my story because I want people to know that there are good places to work,” Lisa says. “I have experienced working in environments that were not supportive of family. That takes its toll because you can’t predict emergency situations like seizures and you can’t predict when you will miss work.”

Lisa joined Rockwell two years ago and has since enjoyed a level of flexibility that allows her to care for her family and grow her career.

“Through technology we can work from anywhere – our homes, a hospital room or a doctor’s office,” Lisa explains. “We also can leave work behind and allow others to step in when needed.”

Lisa is referring to a recent emergency when Hayden was admitted to the hospital on a Sunday – right before she was to travel to an event she was managing starting on Monday.

“I called my manager who told me to cancel my trip, the team would cover everything,” Lisa says. “And every single person reached out to take part of my work. They did not wait to be asked; they simply did it. When I returned to work later that week, everything was handled. I am so grateful that I work for a company that values my priority – family – not just through words but through actions.”

Sharing her experiences – the beautiful moments and the very trying times – brings Lisa’s team together and allows others to be vulnerable with their lives and reaching out for help.

“Dravet Syndrome is a life-threatening condition, and Hayden’s condition means we live every day treasuring our time together,” Lisa says. “I can do that because my company supports me. Since we never know how our lives can change, and what that will mean to our careers and to the plans we’ve made, it’s important to choose a company that puts your priorities first.”

You can learn more about Lisa and her family in this incredibly moving video created for a fundraising event to bring more awareness to epilepsy.

Carol Jors
Carol Jors
Storyteller, Rockwell Automation
Carol Jors

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