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Successful discrete manufacturers plan and control production to keep it running smoothly at required levels while meeting cost and quality objectives. They enforce standard manufacturing processes while continuously monitoring and evaluating production plans to adapt them to better meet and improve cost, quality, flexibility, delivery and other objectives on the fly.

FactoryTalk® Production is a scalable solution that helps manufacturers to balance these objectives with an automated method of managing orders in complex environments.

Is FactoryTalk Production Right for Me?

We improved manufacturing velocity and responsiveness, lowered structured cost, and better managed risk. What could you do? See in our interactive eBook.

A Day in the Life of a Production Order

Get the technology you need to be more agile, release new products faster, and differentiate against the competition.

Learn from Our Own Journey

By integrating information across IT and OT, and from the plant floor across the enterprise, we have optimized our enterprise, plant and supply network performance and business agility. We can help you to do the same.

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