937C Converter Barriers

Our Bulletin 937C Converter Barriers add functionality to the isolators by receiving signals from a hazardous area instrument i.e., temperature sensors, or load cells, and then converting them to an industry standardized signal such as 0/4…20mA or 0/2…10V. Pulse evaluation units process a frequency signal at the input. A lead fault monitoring system signals a lead breakage or lead short-circuit on the signal cables.

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Bulletin 937 Intrinsic Safety Modules Product Profile Bulletin 937 Intrinsic Safety Modules Selection Guide and Technical Data Bulletin 937C Converter Barriers Certification Information


  • Uses integrated diagnostics for simple maintenance and quick change of modules during ongoing operation
  • Uses DIP switches or Field Device Tool software for easy configuration
  • Provides easy and reliable planning and documentation with comprehensive standards compliance up to SIL 3
  • Offers horizontal or vertical mounting with no reduction in operational ratings
  • Includes line fault detection for field circuits
  • Provides power rail for reduced wiring, collective error messaging, and efficient troubleshooting and installation
  • Isolates galvanic and break ground loops which avoids inaccurate I/O signal readings and limits energy to the circuit

Learn the basics of intrinsic safety circuits and how our Bulletin 937 Intrinsic Safety Modules can provide a cost-effective solution for hazardous location challenges.

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You can see a list of certifications for the Bulletin 937C Converter Barriers by product number and link to the pdf of the certification document.

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FDT Interface

FDT standardizes the communication and configuration interface between devices and control system or engineering or asset management tools. Examples include: PACTware™, FieldCare, FactoryTalk AssetCentre, and Process Device Configuration. 


Device Type Manager

The Device Type Manager (DTM) provides a unified structure for accessing device-specific data, functions, and logic elements. DTMs range from a simple graphical user interface for setting device parameters to a highly sophisticated application that can perform complex calculations for diagnostics and maintenance purposes. DTMs can also implement arbitrary complex business logics for device calibration.

For more information about FDT interface and DTM, visit: www.fdtgroup.org

Below is a list of our Bulletin 937C products that include DTMs and can be configured using an FDT interface:

  • 937CS-AITMP-DC1
  • 937CU-DIFRQ-DC1
  • 937CU-DIFRQ-BC1
  • 937CU-AITXF-DC1
  • 937CU-AISTR-DC1


Resource Publication Number Language
Bulletin 937 Intrinsic Safety Modules Product Profile 937-PP001
Bulletin 937 Intrinsic Safety Modules Selection Guide and Technical Data 937-SG001
Bulletin 937C Converter Barriers Certification Information 937C-TD001
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Zener Barrier Intrinsic Safety Modules are used in any application with Class 1, Division 1 (Zones 0 and 1) hazardous locations such as:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and Gas