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Our Bulletin 931N Nano and 931S Smart signal conditioners provide a full range of options to isolate, convert, split, linearize, and amplify a broad range of signal types. These products help protect your expensive control system from transients and noise while eliminating ground loop/noise-induced errors in process measurements through galvanic isolation. There are products with dual channels, input and output loop powered options. Products in these families offer excellent performance in terms of galvanic isolation, accuracy, response time, and power dissipation.

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  • Offers the following Signal Types: Analog, Bipolar, Thermocouple, RTD, Linear Resistance, Potentiometer
  • Offers time savings from power DIN rail option that reduces the need for power supply wiring for each device. One feed module powers up to 75 devices
  • Offers high galvanic isolation, 2.5kV AC
  • Includes angled connection terminals which allow for easy wiring
  • Features DIP switches for easy configuration
  • Offers low power consumption for greater energy efficiency
  • Provides high accuracy (0.05%) for optimal system performance
  • Offers fast response time (less than 5/7 ms for analog signals and less than 30 ms for temperature measurements) lowering downtime
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by onboard sensor and signal error indication
  • Provides NAMUR 43 functional range, 0…23 mA enabling sensor/signal error detection

DIP Switch Configuration Tool — Several products in the 931 Nano and 931 Smart product families use DIP switch for configuration to meet customers’ signal requirements. To make dip switch identification easier, a simple configurator has been developed. In this program you can choose the product and enter your input and output signal requirements, the tool will show which DIP switches need to be turned ON. This eliminates the need to have datasheets or instruction sheets for identifying the right settings.

Product Selection

  • ATEX/IECEx Certified
  • CE Marked
  • China RoHS Compliant
  • DNV-GL Marine Certified
  • FM Approved
  • KC Certified
  • RCM Marked
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Listed
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To find additional product information including CAD drawing files, 3D models and more use our Product Catalog.


Resource Publication Number Language
Bulletin 931 Signal Conditioners Product Profile 931-PP001
Signal Conditioner Specifications Technical Data 931-TD002
Bulletin 931 Signal Conditioners Migration Solutions MIGRAT-PP041
Product Configuration using Device Type Manager (DTM) 931-IN024
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