VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Our Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

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Presence Sensing Brochure Bulletin 42JT VisiSight Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Product Profile VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Technical Data


Bulletin 42JT VisiSight™ Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

  • Incorporates embedded IO-Link communication protocol in select 42JT sensors to help minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • IO-Link enabled sensors offer advanced features and diagnostics including Automatic Device Configuration, multiple profiles, trending, descriptive tags, and device specific parameters
  • Class 1 "Eye Safe" red laser beam
  • Unique "auto PNP/NPN" output reduces stocking cost and simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Teach push button for sensitivity and LO/DO selection
  • IP69K and ECOLAB rated enclosure
  • Visible red LED light source for ease of alignment
  • Clear object detection
  • Color and contrast detection

Bulletin 42JS VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

  • Linear sensitivity adjustment knob or no adjustment models
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Visible red LED light source for ease of alignment
Additional Information
Sensors on IO-Link Can Enable the Connected Enterprise

Watch how smart sensors with IO-Link can enable smart machines for The Connected Enterprise.

IO-Link Technology

IO-Link Technology is a worldwide open-standard protocol that integrates sensors into our Connected Enterprise by connecting the IO-Link enabled device into an IO-Link master module. You can deliver data from the sensor directly into a control system in a very efficient manner. The flexibility of IO-Link capable sensors allows machines to operate more effectively by providing the controller with diagnostics. In addition to product detection, sensors provide detailed and accurate machine health status to improve uptime.

Product Selection


  • CE Marked for all applicable directives
  • c-UL-us Listed
  • IO-Link
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Resource Publication Number Language
Presence Sensing Brochure SENSOR-BR001
Bulletin 42JT VisiSight Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Product Profile 42JT-PP002
VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Technical Data 42JSJT-TD001
Bulletin 42JT Diffuse Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN001
Bulletin 42JT Polarized Retroreflective Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN002
Bulletin 42JT Transmitted Beam Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN003
Bulletin 42JT Background Suppression Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN004
Bulletin 42JT Color Mark Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN005
Bulletin 42JT Clear Object Sensors Installation Instructions 42JT-IN006
Bulletin 42JS Sensors Installation and Operation Instructions 42JS-IN001
VisiSight Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Interface User Manual 42JT-UM001
Integrated Smart Sensor Solution Quick Reference Guide IOLINK-SP001
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