OneGear Medium Voltage Soft Starters with SMC Flex

The OneGear™ product line is the next generation of medium voltage motor control specifically designed to meet a variety of global standards. OneGear products offer greater motor control center and power control center options for full voltage and solid-state reduced voltage applications while supporting operating voltages up to 15 kV.


  • Provides vacuum contactor and circuit breaker switching technology
  • Includes 1...15 kV class control and distribution equipment
  • Provides compartmentalized construction
  • Includes optional arc-resistant cabinet

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  • IEC 62271-200 (formerly IEC60298), IEC 62271-1 (formerly IEC60694) & IEC 60470
  • EN 61000, EN 60204-11, GB 3906 (China) — pending
  • GOST 14693-90 (Russia) — pending
  • NBR 6979 & 10478 (Brazil) — pending
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Resource Publication Number Language
OneGear SMC Flex Controller Product Profile 7760-PP001
OneGear Medium Voltage SMC-50 Motor Controller (10…15 kV) Specifications 7760F-TD001
Medium Voltage SMC OEM Components – 10…15 kV Specifications 7703-TD001
OneGear Medium Voltage SMC-50 Motor Controller (10…15 kV) Installation Instructions 7760F-IN001
Medium Voltage OneGear SMC-50 Motor Controller (10…15 kV) User Manual 7760F-UM001
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