1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers

Our Bulletin 1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers provide microprocessor controlled starting for standard three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors. These assemblies can also be used to retrofit existing motor controllers and are available as an OEM frame and components.


  • Features electronic motor overload protection
  • Includes built-in DPI communications
  • Provides three-line, 16-character backlit LCD displays
  • Offers keypad programming Includes four programmable auxiliary contacts
  • Contains fiber optic SCR gate firing
  • Provides self-powered current loop gate driver boards


Resource Publication Number Language
OEM Products: Medium Voltage Applications Brochure 1503-BR010
Medium Voltage Controllers Selection Guide 1500-SG001
Medium Voltage SMC OEM Components Specifications 1503-TD001
Bulletin 1503E Medium Voltage SMC OEM Components Installation Instructions 1503E-IN001
Bulletin 7703E Medium Voltage SMC OEM Components (10...15 kV) Installation Instructions 7703E-IN001
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