DIN Valve Field-attachable Connectors

Our Bulletin 889 DIN Valve Field-attachable Connectors allow for the creation and customization of quick-disconnect cables on the plant floor for standard valves and other devices. Available in a variety of sizes and wiring configurations, these products provide standard connectivity and environmental protection. Optional built-in surge protection circuitry protects the solenoid coils within the field devices from potentially disruptive current spikes.

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Connectivity & Network Media Brochure Cordsets & Field Attachables Technical Data


  • Allows fast field assembly of custom quick-disconnect cables for valves and other devices
  • Includes optional status indicators
  • Offers protective circuits
  • Offers assortment of sizes (8…18 mm) and wiring configurations
  • Provides NEMA 4 and IP65 certifications

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Resource Publication Number Language
Connectivity & Network Media Brochure CONEC-BR001
Cordsets & Field Attachables Technical Data 889-TD002
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