Protect your Industrial Networks from Ransomware

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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Industrial networks are critical to your operations, therefore valuable to attackers. A vulnerable network can lead to intentional or unintentional ransomware, impacting your production and your business’s bottom line.  

The questions we will explore in this webinar is what, you, as the defender, can do in a short period of time to reduce the risk exposure of those networks and businesses. Together, Rockwell Automation and Claroty will discuss market trends regarding ransomware and cyber-attacks, some of the threat actors and motivations behind recent campaigns, how the partnership is addressing these pain points, and actionable steps you and your security teams can take to better secure your infrastructure.

3 key takeaways for attendees
•    The importance of industrial networks and security risks
•    How to prioritize OT cybersecurity relative to the overall IT & OT cybersecurity agenda
•    Customer cybersecurity applications in which Claroty and Rockwell Automation have helped to achieve business outcomes


Megan Samford, Director of Product Security, Rockwell Automation

Megan Samford is the Global Director of Product Safety & Security at Rockwell Automation with a BA in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness and MPA (VCU). In government & private sector, she focuses on ICS security, critical infrastructure and risk analysis.

Galina Antova , Co-Founder, Claroty

Galina Antova is a cybersecurity entrepreneur & executive with her BS in Computer Science and MBA. Since 2010, Galina focused on advancing the state of cybersecurity through leading Industrial Security Services at Siemens and co-founding Claroty.