Lockout/Tagout Software

ScanESC: Modern Lockout/Tagout for Deployment, Management and Compliance

Lockout/Tagout Software

A lockout/tagout (LOTO) program helps you achieve safety compliance, reduce overall risk and maximize the use of assets to improve productivity. ScanESC™ lockout/tagout software provides the tools and resources to modernize and digitize your entire LOTO program with enough adaptability to be useful to large corporations, small businesses and anyone in between.

Digitize Your Lockout/Tagout Program

Lockout/Tagout Compliance Has Never Been Easier

ScanESC is a modern software solution to help manage your lockout/tagout program. A lockout/tagout program is not only a way of achieving safety compliance. It is also a powerful tool to reduce your overall risk and maximize the utilization of your assets to improve productivity.

ScanESC lockout/tagout software empowers you to digitize your entire LOTO program. ScanESC helps ensure that all information available to employees is up to date and available through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Through the cloud-enhanced system, employees are able to collect data and track activities even if offline. All necessary information will sync once the connection is restored.

ScanESC can help you save money over your current audit and lockout processes. You are enabled to make proactive, real-time decisions to achieve employee safety and lockout/tagout compliance with company policy and government regulations. Realize the benefits of real-time data synchronization between your authorized employees and a cloud-based secure portal with this lockout/tagout software tool.

With ScanESC – a modern software solution to help manage your LOTO program – your company will benefit from real-time synchronizing of data between your authorized employees and a cloud-based secure portal.

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ScanESC Features and Benefits

We Help You Achieve Lockout/Tagout Compliance

Simplify your life with our fully electronic LOTO program. You can access your LOTO procedures with any IOS, Android or Windows mobile devices with this software. You can also access your LOTO procedures and supporting documentation for machines and facilities anywhere, anytime. Additional benefits include:

  • Electronically audit procedures and employees
  • Track lockout/tagout usage and downtime
  • Assign audits to individual
  • Manage and access all LOTO audit data through a standard web browser

Employees can use the mobile app to audit procedures and locate related documentation by using QR Code tags installed on the machines. The web portal enables you to access dashboards with statistics for lockout/tagout status, duration and total downtime; manage users, locations and procedures; access historical data regarding equipment status; and manage your procedure documents to enable real-time updates to your procedures.

Mobile App Benefits

  • Audit procedures and authorized employees
  • Access LOTO procedures and supporting documents
  • Locate related documentation by using QR code tags installed on the machines
  • Execute Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Web Portal Benefits

  • Access dashboards with statistics for LOTO status, duration and total downtime
  • Manage users, locations and procedures
  • Access historical data regarding equipment status
  • Manage your procedure documents to enable real-time updates to your procedures
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