Machine Safety Services

Address Needs Across the Entire Safety Lifecycle

Machine Safety Services

When it comes to machine safety, companies look for three well-defined business outcomes: reduce risk, improve compliance, and optimize production. From assessment to final validation, our comprehensive machine safety services portfolio helps our customers navigate in this environment and improve their overall safety.

Scalable Safety Assessments

Identify and Evaluate Risks

Safety assessments are the first step on the safety journey and are a fundamental piece of your safety lifecycle. Safety assessments help you identify risks to be mitigated and they help you comply with standards and regulations. Our team of TÜV-certified safety consultants uses a methodology that is based on the most current international standards. This methodology delivers assessments that can help you make well-informed decisions to improve the safety of your employees.

We offer a range of scalable safety assessment options that can address your unique business challenges and budget, and work with current safety programs at your organization. These options include:

  • Conformity audits provide a high-level safety analysis of machines, and can show compliance or noncompliance of pre-defined attributes. The audits are a powerful asset to be used as a base to your safety program as a prioritization and qualification tool.
  • Guarding evaluations identify hazard and guarding recommendations for immediate actions.
  • Risk assessments are conducted by one of our safety engineers or consultants, and include safety-improvement recommendations.
  • Team-based risk assessments offer the features of standard risk assessments. They also include in-depth analysis for special or critical machines, and an opportunity for the team to increase its knowledge.

Design and Verification Services

Develop Comprehensive Safety Systems

Our design services support the development of comprehensive safety systems that can include the development of Safety Functional Requirement Specifications (SFRS) and Safety SISTEMA Verifications. Safety SISTEMA Verifications review safety-circuit design for compliance to a specified Performance Level to help verify that your safety devices are properly applied to help protect personnel.

When a safety risk assessment has been completed, an SFRS can be used to review the recommendations. The SFRS can confirm that risk mitigation strategies are practical for your facility. When you develop the SFRS, a Rockwell Automation consultant will lead discussions with your safety, engineering, operations, and management teams. The discussions help verify that plans can achieve safety goals, enhance operations, and not impede production and maintenance.

The approved SFRS and specification is typically used as the basis for risk mitigation engineering design. The SFRS is used also as the basis for safety validation, which is the real test in the field that your safety system operates according to the projects and requirements.

Installation and Validation Services

Confirm Your System is Properly Installed and Performs to Standards

Safety system validation services help to confirm proper safety system installation and functionality. These services evaluate circuit performance, fault tolerance, fault action, software logic, device application, device function, and reset actions for all modes of operation. They encompass U.S. and European community-based designs and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Safety validation services include:

  • Safety circuit analysis
  • Machine stop time services
  • Normative conformance audits
  • Safety system validation

If you plan to execute remediation with your own resources, we can provide project management and support throughout the remediation process. If you prefer a turnkey project, our team of TÜV-Certified safety engineers can deliver service at your location.

Digital Services and Training

Keep Current with the Latest Standards

With our digital services, we provide support for you throughout the entire machine safety lifecycle. We leverage our deep domain expertise and technology to deliver best-in-class services.

Our training services offer current and anticipated industry standards and guidelines, and application examples when you apply safety components. These services include TÜV certification training and more.

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