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Tour the Digital Engineering Hall 

Virtually tour the newly designed Digital Engineering Hall, located at Rockwell Automation headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. 

On the Digital Engineering tour, you will learn about our design tools to help you advance design, operation and maintenance in your digital environment.

Here's a preview of what you will experience on the six tour stops and the new solutions that will be showcased.  

Tour Stop 1: End to End Demonstration of a Digital Engineering Project

When it comes to digital engineering, don’t think about what needs to change in your business. Think about what can be improved to make you more competitive, then deploy the digital solution that helps you realize that improvement, without disrupting today's workflows.  Come along on the journey as we share how we created our very own contactor line using these tools and technologies.

Explore these tools and technologies: 

  • Project Business Case
  • Machine Design
  • Line Design
  • Automation Design
  • Virtual Commissioning

Tour Stop 2: OUR NEXT, Fueling YOUR NEXT

Take an exclusive peek behind the curtain to learn how we are changing the industrial automation game and how it will drive business value for you and your customers.


  • Next Gen Design Environment
  • Cloud Design Services
  • Next Gen Logix Emulator

Tour Stop 3: Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Learn how collaboration with our partners drives better business outcomes.


  • Working With 3D Models in PTC Onshape
  • Manage Your Design Lifecycle With PTC Windchill
  • Using Microsoft Virtual Reality to Tour a Digital Factory
  • Adding Ansys Multi-physics Simulations to Manufacturing Digital Twin Models
  • Virtually Commission Robot Production Lines with FANUC ROBOGUIDE
  • Electrical Design Using ePLAN

Tour Stop 4: Do It Better Digitally

Talk about productivity and efficiency! When independent cart technology teams with our latest design software, digital twin software, and control hardware, the results are hard to ignore. Not only can you see how your machine runs before parts are ordered, but you can also get a jump start on commissioning before going on site. At the same time, you can transport plant personnel to a virtual world where they can train on systems, predict future performance and simulate line changes. Let's go!

Move forward with these innovations: 

  • System Design and Visualization
  • System Simulation
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Data Analytics

Tour Stop 5: Improve Your 'View' of Industrial Computers

VersaView® 6300 industrial computes are a complete portfolio of open architecture industrial PCs, thin clients and monitors. This broad and adaptable line offers the flexibility you need to meet your specific performance requirements. This product family is a solid match for customers that need a high-performance Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution for industrial environments. 

Discover more about: 

  • Rockwell Automation | ASEM
  • VersaView® 6300B Box PC
  • VersaView® 6300T Box Thin Client
  • VersaView® 6300P Panel PC
  • Stratix® 4300 Remote Access Router

This stop will feature the following new innovations: 

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Rockwell Automation
VersaView® 6300B Box PC

Are you looking for a low maintenance solution for your plant floor? The VersaView® 6300B Box PC is available in a fanless design option, making it optimal for low maintenance applications and manufacturing products in high temperatures. It can be paired with FactoryTalk® View SE software and features a ThinManager® compatible design. 

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Rockwell Automation
VersaView® 6300M Industrial Monitor

Are design considerations important in your facility? The VersaView® 6300M industrial monitor has low profile bezels on wide screen displays providing that ultra-modern look visually setting this equipment apart from the crowd. It includes an edge-to-edge, all glass, four-point multitouch screen. 

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Rockwell Automation
VersaView® 6300P Panel PC

Are you looking for a durable industrial computer, but care about design? The VersaView® 6300P Panel PC offers an “all in one” motherboard helping to provide reliability in shock and vibration prone environments, while featuring a sleek low profile ultra-modern display. It has IP66 environmental protection making it excellent for washdown applications. 

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Rockwell Automation
VersaView® 6300T Box Thin Client

Are you looking for more compatibility out of your thin clients? The new VersaView® 6300T Box Thin Client can be used with ThinManager® software without a solid-state drive or operating system. 

Tour Stop 6: Augmented Reality Services

We are transforming our remote support offerings with new innovative capabilities – leveraging augmented reality technology to offer tools to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. Use augmented reality to learn how to perform tasks & minimize downtime. 

Explore these solutions: 

  • Live View Support™ Tool
  • Digital Assist Library of Work Instructions

This stop will feature the following new innovations: 

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Rockwell Automation
Digital Assist Library of Work Instructions

Our cloud-hosted Augmented Reality (AR) Library brings a modern approach to learning how to repair and maintain Allen-Bradley® hardware. With a TechConnect℠ support contract, a mobile device, and the Vuforia View application, you can immediately launch an AR experience related to the task you are about to perform. 

More information coming soon!

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Rockwell Automation
Live View Support™ Tool

Our Live View Support™ Application is a modern – and remote – approach to improving your technical support experience and helping minimize machine downtime. Using live video feed, an experienced technician can view your equipment in real time and provide specific, detailed directions for repairing the hardware. 

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