Process Skid Control Systems

Scalable, Reusable Process Automation Equipment Designs

Process Skid Control Systems

Producers have diverse batch process needs from simple, single vessel, single product production to complex multi-path, multi-vessel, multi-product manufacturing. Process equipment that seamlessly integrates into batch and process operations is critical. Our scalable, open process skid control systems allow you to connect your equipment to other systems without exposing your intellectual property.

We offer reusable, plug-and-play enabled tools to help you with your process automation equipment designs. In addition, our off-the-shelf components help ensure compliance of demanding industry regulations for both batch and continuous applications.

Scalable Controller-based Batch Control

PlantPAx Logix Batch and Sequence Manager

PlantPAx® Logix Batch and Sequence Manager is ideal for applications that require batch management capabilities. This solution can:

  • Eliminate engineering intensive custom-coded sequence management
  • Reduce delivery time for skid-based batch processing equipment
  • Reduce start-up and process debugging time
  • Integrate into higher-level batch management software systems

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Batch Management Sequence Manager Software

SequenceManager software helps to reduce the time spent developing smaller, more basic batch control strategies. Benefits include:

  • Distributed sequence execution
  • Increased reliability for sequence execution native to controller
  • Efficient sequence development and monitoring in core product
  • Integrated control and HMI solution
  • Reduced infrastructure costs for small systems
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Process Equipment Solutions in Action

Innovative and Intelligent Machines

Machine builders who create intelligent equipment help end-users meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. We can work with you to design and deliver automated manufacturing and assembly machines with advanced technologies. Together we can respond with advanced machine control to optimize operations, improve connectivity across the enterprise, and drive profitable growth.

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Process Safety Systems

Safety Instrumented Systems

The protection of personnel, processes, and the surrounding environment remains a significant part of any automation strategy. With over 50 years of safety expertise, our technology is used in safety and critical control processes throughout the world.

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Functional Safety for Process Applications

The Functional Safety for Process guidebook provides an introduction to functional safety for process applications and guidance in the application of IEC61511. This is the process industry-specific implementation of IEC61508 that covers the safety management of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems throughout their lifecycle.

Modern Distributed Control System

Scalable and Modular Architecture

The PlantPAx® system enables you to respond more quickly to customer demands and fast-changing specifications.

A wide range of architecture options for increased flexibility is provided with the PlantPAx system. The same platform can be used for single stations or large distributed architectures.

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  • Easy integration without replicating data
  • Wide range of controllers and I/O
  • Systems that can grow with production demands
  • Scalable system capabilities including HMI, batch management, and data collection
  • Faster time-to-market
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