Develop Machines and Equipment

Improve Time-to-Market and Meet Customer Commitments

Develop Machines and Equipment

Improve your time-to-market, simplify integration, and optimize your machinery designs.

Speed Time-to-Market

Reduce Development Time with Reusable Equipment Models

Meeting customer delivery commitments is critical. You can do this by reducing programming and assembly hours, using off-the-shelf components, improving supply chain with just-in-time (JIT) delivery, and using structured, reusable equipment models. We can help you:

Optimize machine design

  • Leverage product selection and configuration tools
  • Easily select hardware and generate bills of material
  • Retrieve code to use as a foundation

Provide flexible equipment modules

  • Use scalable technology to reduce engineering time and risks
  • Develop reusable equipment modules with modular programming

Simplify integration

  • Develop solutions using Integrated Architecture® system platform for both control and information
  • Reduce wiring with a single network

Improve supply chain efficiency

  • Local sales and support
  • “Preferred availability” part consultation

With simplified integration and design optimization, you can develop machines for ease of start-up and commissioning that fit cleanly into your customer's infrastructure.

Save Time On Control System Development

Integrated Architecture Accelerator Toolkits

Easy-to-use tools and templates assist with a wide variety of design tasks: From selecting components and developing drawings, to writing application code, laying out HMI screens, starting up a machine, and troubleshooting.

Integrated Architecture Toolkits

Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit

Reduce design overhead so you can concentrate on making your machine the best in the market. The Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit includes automation engineering design tools for the entire machine control application development. It allows you to concentrate on the intellectual property that produces compelling and differentiating machine features.

Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit

How Well Are You Meeting Customer Needs?

5 Ways to Simplify and Improve Machine Building

There are five business challenges your customers will ask you to solve:

  • One machine to meet global standards
  • One controller for every application
  • One network, whatever the task
  • One programming environment
  • Reduced wiring

For tips on how to build better machines faster, download Your Best-Practice Guide to Building Better Machines. Faster.

Maximize Automation Productivity

Studio 5000 Automation Engineering and Design Environment

Combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework and allows you to:

  • Use one intuitive design and configuration software package
  • Simplify development of complex control solutions
  • Have greater access to real-time information
  • Develop localized applications in a collaborative engineering environment
Studio 5000 Environment

FactoryTalk View

Robust functionality in an HMI solution that scales from a standalone, machine-level HMI to a distributed visualization solution.

FactoryTalk® View delivers critical visibility on demand, improving the productivity of users at every level of your organization.

FactoryTalk View Solutions

Connected Components Workbench Software

Simplify standalone machine development by programming all of your products with one software solution. The software offers controller programming, device configuration, and integration with HMI editor to minimize initial machine development time and cost.

Explore Our Workbench Software

Industrial Networks

Deploy Secure, Robust Industrial Network Solutions

EtherNet/IP is an open industrial Ethernet network capable of handling discrete, safety, motion, process, and drive control applications. EtherNet/IP helps to enable secure, real-time information between machines, systems, and enterprises. This network allows IT and operation professionals to more easily meet their business goals.

Network and Security Services

Using our blend of automation and network infrastructure expertise, along with our extensive vendor relationships, we can find the right implementation solution for you. Through our flexible network infrastructure implementation options, you can:

  • Meet specific time frame and budget goals
  • Achieve a future-ready network infrastructure
  • Minimize time and cost of maintenance activities

Industrial Network Solutions

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