Design Machines and Equipment

Industrial Automation and Control System Design for Smarter Machines

Design Machines and Equipment

Maximize your design productivity. Reduce design labor time and costs. Improve manufacturing efficiency to meet delivery targets. Consistent, modularized designs will help you meet these goals and define your value beyond the cost of your machines and equipment.

Maximize Design Productivity

Reduce Design Labor and Cost

End-user companies are challenging you to deliver custom, smart, and innovative machines that meet their specific needs and that can help them compete globally. However, building customized, modular machines requires more time and resources that are already limited.

Find the right balance between designing standard machines and equipment for efficiency and customizing to meet specific needs. Industrial automation and control system design helps you meet customer requirements and stay within budget.

Create standard, scalable building blocks that help you:

  • Reuse engineering efforts across machines and save valuable time
  • Create commonality between machines and select right-sized components to fit end-user requirements
  • Design for sustainability and flexibility for multiple purposes, to improve operating efficiency and reduce energy costs

Conduct a risk assessment during design to identify and mitigate hazards and to help ensure compliance, improve safety, and avoid unnecessary redesign costs.

Use our products and tools to design productive, scalable machines and equipment. Remain competitive with equipment that meets global safety and environmental standards.

Reduce Design Time with Free Tools

Simplify Machine Safety Design and Validation

Safety Automation Builder

Safety Automation Builder streamlines safety system design, implementation, and validation. It helps you improve compliance and reduce costs by guiding you through the development of your safety system, including safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis.

Download Safety Automation Builder Now

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Smart Machines and Equipment

Connect Your People, Processes, and Technology to Improve Operations

Smart machines and equipment can provide unprecedented access to data, greater connectivity, and robust security. Position your customers for greater success with smart machines that optimize asset performance and maximize product quality.

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