How a Modern HMI Changes the Status Quo

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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Today’s industrial operations run on information to meet production targets, to reduce waste and energy usage, to improve processes, and more. But information is only effective if workers can readily access it and easily understand it. Modern HMI software can give workers the information they need, in the time, place and format that they need it. That’s why HMI software is the cornerstone of any information-driven operation.

During this webinar, you'll learn how Modern HMI software connects people to information by:

  • Integrating with production hardware and software to provide instant access to data from the shop floor.
  • Contextualizing production data into meaningful and useful information that can help workers make better decisions.
  • Visualizing information with easy-to-understand graphics
  • Allowing workers to interact with data in familiar ways, like by using touch gestures to scroll through trending data, flip through PDF pages, and zoom in and out of web pages.
  • Supporting new technologies that change how we access and view information