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The Performance of a Bugatti in an Affordable, Small Control System

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As consumers, we always want to get the most value for our money, especially on those big purchases like cars, houses…and well, our control systems.

Many times, it's a challenge to draw the line between our “wants” and actual “needs.”

One size doesn't always fit all, but is it possible to get it all -- the best value and the best performance in an affordable, scalable, small control system?

Although owning a Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest cars in the world, might be on your wish list, you may not be able to afford it.

What if you could get the speed and performance of a Bugatti in a Honda Civic? Wouldn't it be great to have the speed and performance of a Bugatti without the cost, in your small control system? You can.

Now you have the ability to gain the best value through optimized performance, simplified communication and greater application capacity in your small controllers, all the while making the smartest and most secure choices with regard to your overall system's architecture at an affordable cost.

Additionally, you want to have a truly Connected Enterprise, leveraging technology to better gather, analyze data and transform it into actionable, real-time information.

New small programmable automation controllers add more value to a Connected Enterprise by simplifying communication between your system's enterprise level and machine level. They also provide faster task execution.

This allows faster system development time in your control system due to less bandwidth roadblocks. It enables increased capacity and increased performance at the same time. Your system is enabled to get where it needs to go in the most efficient manner – in short, it helps you be more productive with seamless integration and collaboration.

You also want to immediately be able to see any problems before they hit you head on. An onboard display that provides immediate status about your system's health and communication is front and center, giving you added assurance that your system is running properly.

You need a small controller that has the ability to support local programming, troubleshooting and updates, so that you can be proactive in changing direction to help prevent issues before they happen, allowing you to drive your control system with your eyes wide open. Visibility into all aspects of your control system allows you to be the smartest driver possible.

And what about security? Yes, automatic locks will secure your vehicle from the traditional thief, but new strides in hacking have caused cutting edge security measures to be a necessity, as opposed to a simple “want.”

Just as you wouldn't leave your doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition, the new small controllers provide several security measures to help secure and protect your information from all sides, physically and internally. Features like digitally-signed controller firmware, controller-based change detection and logging and role-based access provide a security system that can offer added peace of mind.

Having a system that is smart, productive, secure, and above all, scalable, is vital to getting you to where you want to go in the most efficient, affordable and accurate way.

If you are a machine or equipment builder and want to learn more about a high-performance architecture scaled to meet your specific needs in a small control system, visit our website.

Dexter Chee Peng Leong
Dexter Chee Peng Leong
Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

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