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Serious Business: What Industry Can Learn from Theme Parks

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Pretzel twists, corkscrew turns, 95 degree drops and 70 mph dive bombs.

People visit amusement parks for the adrenalin rush – and behind the astonishing acceleration, stop-on-a-dime precision and almost impossible twists and turns is Irvine Ondrey Engineering, a company we’ve worked with since they started.

Like the amazing innovations that came out of space exploration – and were later adapted commercially – the entertainment industry has taught us a lot about what customers want and need, especially about reliability and safety.

Safety is this industry’s number 1 priority.

The technical challenges of providing thrills while keeping guests safe constantly pushes the edge of technology and makes us better at everything we do. Rarely do you have such a combination of extreme factors to consider: vibration, temperature and mounting orientations, just to name a few.

Entertainment Industry and the Industrial Internet of Things

With each new idea and new ride, there are new challenges. This is one of the only industries where downtime has immediate social impact, with angry guests instantly taking to Facebook and Twitter to share their disappointment when there is a downtime.

So a pressing goal for theme parks is to drive greater reliability and uptime while decreasing mean time to repair – familiar goals for most industries. 

For an industry that operates every day of their season (with only a few hours at night for maintenance), being able to collect and analyze data, and take full advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is crucial to uptime.

To collect that data requires network infrastructure and an increased focus on security while offering no compromise on safety.

The entertainment industry was one of the first to reach out and ask really tough cybersecurity questions. For them, safety and security are part of the same conversation.

Some of the new features in our products are the result of the risks the entertainment industry wanted to address. Integrators like Irvine Ondrey Engineering appreciate those features and are starting to see them used more in systems. Read more about safety and security.

Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman
Manager, Business Development, Rockwell Automation
Linda Freeman

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