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New Experience at Automation Fair Creates Space for Bold Conversations

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Michele Matthai
Michele Matthai
Director, Culture of inclusion, Rockwell Automation
Michele Matthai

When experts (on any subject) gather, the dialog usually turns to an area of common interest – in the case of Automation Fair 2019, the conversations (and hands-on work) will center on innovation and technology, industry challenges and automation solutions.

And there will be a booth unlike the others, dedicated to the human side of business – Bold Conversations on Inclusion and Diversity.

It’s an interactive space where people will tell stories, invite questions and encourage authentic dialog around the challenges of creating a culture that differentiates a company for all the right reasons.

Why inclusion and diversity at an automation event?

More and more, our customers and shareholders are talking to us about our culture – asking questions and benchmarking our work. Perhaps you’re noticing the topic is increasing in importance with your stakeholders, too.

While there is not one approach that works for everyone, we have stories to share about what has worked for us and where we need to do better in our effort to create a workplace that enables all employees to contribute and grow their careers.

Whatever your motivators for thinking about inclusion and diversity – the war for talent, the desire for diverse ideas, the request from customers to reflect their demographics, the need to boost engagement – you likely have peers experiencing very similar situations.

That’s why we are here.

Let’s share so we can all be better

A great culture can propel your organization forward. A lack of diversity and inclusion can impact your bottom line, contribute to employee turnover, derail engagement and make it very difficult to attract top talent.

Come to a space where people are talking openly about their challenges and sharing ideas to help us all improve.

This is a live discussion so I can’t plan everything that we’ll cover, but based on our full schedule I do know we’ll offer practical advice on:

  • Creating culture change
  • Developing impactful strategies for inclusion, supplier diversity, and STEM outreach/mentorship
  • Building inclusive leadership skills
  • Measuring inclusion
  • Improving employee attraction, engagement and retention of underrepresented talent
  • Navigating non-inclusive environments
  • The impact of race and ethnicity in U.S. workplaces
  • How to demonstrate ally behavior

Can’t join us live? Recorded sessions will be available here following the show.


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