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Without real-time data, many manufacturers can’t see what course corrections may be needed to meet their goals. They can’t, for instance, see that a machine is faulting at a particular step of the process, causing the rest of the line to slow down.

For information to help you pinpoint a way to address issues and get back up to speed, it needs to be available on the spot. It’s simply not enough to see your data at the end of a week or even the end of a shift. And conventional methods of tracking and analyzing it also leave a lot of room for error and inconsistencies.

Production line overview dashboards let you drill down to each line and look at measures related to machine availability, product quality, personnel safety and more. Give your team access to the real-time data they need to do their jobs better.


Suellen Lorkowski, Regional Manager, Rockwell Automation

Suellen Lorkowski has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, working as a controls engineer, manufacturing engineer at a Ford engine plant, application engineer for controllers, then a software technical consultant. She likes to joke that her career path has been from edge to cloud.