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6 Reasons Enforceable Workflows are Key to Quality Management

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When it comes to manufacturing quality, conformance is key.

Workflows and business processes built on industry best practices should provide the basis for manufacturing quality at every step of the process.

These best practices error-proof manufacturing processes to ensure that each step is executed correctly, with complete, fully traceable data.

Why are enforceable workflows essential to effective quality management? Here are six key reasons:

  • They help to prevent issues and mistakes from happening. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • They allow manufacturers to automatically enforce the use of only approved processes, materials, equipment, tools and operatorsbefore each step is performed.
  • They guide operators through each production process and, through testing, help ensure products are built to specification.
  • They automatically create records that detail processes, material, equipment, tools, operators and test results, complete with timestamps and electronic signatures. This makes it easier to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • They perform quality checks and initiate corrective action plans and quality reports automatically. Upon any deviation, they alert appropriate personnel and commence additional quality checks, corrective actions and quality reports. Corrective action plans may include no-fault forward systems to prevent release of below-quality products, and hold and quarantine capabilities that keep non-conformant products in your facility instead of in the hands of customers. Quality reports keep all stakeholders informed on real-time quality metrics and trends.
  • They break down organizational information silos to unite people with systems. They make possible and encourage greater collaboration, standardization and enforcement of best practices, helping you to improve productivity and distinguish your company from the competition.

To find out more about quality management, including paperless operation and compliance, check out our Connected Quality eBook.

Kelly Macaulay
Kelly Macaulay
Marketing Manager, Information Solutions, Rockwell Automation
Kelly Macaulay

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