North American Standards Part 4 - Coordination Tables and Short Circuit Ratings

Exporting machines to North America is a major opportunity for European businesses. However, many struggle to design and export even the simplest control cabinets due to differences in approaches and standards between the two markets.

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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This webinar will advise businesses on how to address these difficulties by understanding the different rules and design equivalencies. It will help them to understand how to sell to the North American market and ensure their machine works properly when it reaches the customer.

This webinar will provide insight into:

  • The importance of coordination tables and short circuit ratings
  • How to design and select the appropriate pieces of equipment to meet North American standards
  • How to scale machines to meet North American approaches
  • How to use compliance as a competitive advantage

This is the webinar of series. The next ones will focus on particular design areas which are relevant for fitting the machines to North American standards:


Stefano Muraro
Stefano Muraro
Industrial Control, EMEA Product Manager, Rockwell Automation
Stefano has more than 30 years’ electromechanical devices experience. He has spent most of his Rockwell Automation career supporting Sales within the Industrial Control and Low Voltage Motor Control Center product basket. In recent years he has excelled in the disclosing of North American Standards basics.

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