Is Your OT Data Driving Enterprise-level Insights?

Creating an intelligent enterprise begins with capturing the right data in the right context.

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Duration: 45 Minutes
Language: English
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In today’s competitive industrial marketplace, having fast access to intelligent, actionable operational data is required for success. While machines used by industrial customers generate more data than ever before—with potentially thousands of data points per system—this large volume of OT data is disorganized and undefined, locked in heterogenous devices and siloed systems.

The result? IT applications can’t gain visibility into what’s happening on the shop floor, and data scientists lack data context and integrity, making it nearly impossible to unlock important insights into production processes, performance, and inefficiencies.

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway breaks down the siloed systems and drives OT/IT convergence. By simplifying and automating the process of collecting and organizing industrial data across machines, devices, and assets at the edge. High-speed industrial data is then packaged in a configurable, common information model and mapped to on-premise or cloud applications for easier consumption—ensuring fast access to the right data and enabling everyone—from the shop floor to the top floor—to make smarter, more informed decisions.  


Gaurav Verma, Rockwell Automation, Digital Transformation Marketing Manager

Gaurav has over 20 years’ experience in industrial manufacturing and analytics marketing. Currently, he is a marketing manager on our Information Solutions team.

Jenny Kite, Rockwell Automation, Product Manager

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience in industrial manufacturing and analytics marketing.

Nithiyakumar Parameswaran, Rockwell Automation, Enterprise Analytics Business Leader 

Nithiya is the Enterprise Analytics Business Leader for the Analytics portfolio at Rockwell Automation. He manages the team that delivers enterprise analytics capabilities at the edge, on-prem and the cloud targeting industrial customers. He brings in 25 years of industrial analytics and software experience to architect and launch products.