Turbomachinery Control Solutions

Improved Uptime with Extensive Communication and Diagnostic Capabilities

Turbomachinery Control Solutions

Turbomachinery control (TMC) incorporates standard, commercial, off-the-shelf control and visualization technology for fast installation and troubleshooting at a lower total cost of ownership. Solutions for single-stage compressors and one- and two-valve steam turbines are all preconfigured with proven TMC control algorithms. These solutions offer extensive communication and diagnostic capabilities for improved uptime.

Optimized Train Control

Proven Control Technology and Application Expertise

With our coordinated TMC systems, you can achieve optimized train control. Through this control, you can increase efficiency, which reduces the time and costs that are required to support and maintain the system. In addition, our solution helps:

  • Improve unit stability and responsiveness
  • Automate start-up and shutdown
  • Provide improved operational flexibility and increased plant performance
  • Provide a concise view of key turbomachinery parameters

Steam Turbine Governor

Full-featured Control for One- and Two-valve Steam Turbine Application

With pre-programmed assembly for ease of installation, our Steam Turbine Governor brings advanced technology and greater functionality to steam turbine control.

Single Stage Compressor Controller

Anti-surge Control in a Cost-effective Package

An easy-to-install, preprogrammed package, the Single Stage Compressor Controller brings advanced technology and greater functionality to compressor anti-surge and capacity control.

Industry and Application Expertise

With decades of experience and a wide range of successful installations, we have supplied thousands of turbomachinery control systems around the world.

Our turbomachinery control solutions can help you maximize production and span a range of industries that include:

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