Smart Machine Journey

Innovating beyond Limits

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Smart Manufacturing is driving a demand for connected machines and equipment. As a machine builder, you need to respond with Smart Machines that seamlessly connect the plant floor with the enterprise.

Machines Have Never Been This Smart

Go Smarter, Go Further

To meet your customers’ current and future needs, you need to start building smart machines and equipment to provide value beyond the machine.

Smart manufacturing evolves. Your position in this global market is defined by how well you adapt to the inevitable industry transformations.

Smart machines bring you:

  • Flexible operation
  • Innovation and differentiation
  • New revenue streams
  • New business opportunities

Delivering Higher Value to your machine with lower costs and reduced risks.
It is time to leverage smart machines to unlock new possibilities.

Why Smart Machines?

Rockwell Automation provides solutions that differentiate you from competitors by creating higher value to your machines. These tools help design, develop and deliver smart machines to end users.

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Smart Machine Roadmap

Leverage Smart Machine Maturity Model to make your own technology path

Solutions Enabling Smart Machines

Scalable Analytics

Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ platform provides advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning and data mash-ups in a self-service user experience for collaborative data analysis. Machine builders can initiate Machine Learning (ML) with less cost and help end users leverage operational data to become actionable information.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite powered by PTC connect disparate devices, machines and integrate data from different assets and systems into a single & logical model, detecting problems before they cause any downtime.

Augmented Reality

With simple steps of development, AR can be the easiest way to maximize the potentials of your machines and also improve team efficiency in operating and maintaining machines from remote or on- site.  Step-by-step instructions reduce training needs and improve downtime and changeovers, helping you achieve a competitive advantage in your machines. Envision your machines that empower your end customers to operate machines easier, make decisions faster with real-time data.

Digital Twin & Digital Engineering

Leverage dynamic digital twin by using Emulate3D™ digital twin software and maximize simulation capabilities to expand performance of your machines. Providing concept & throughput analysis, machine prototyping, virtual demonstration & commissioning to digital marketing & operator training, digital engineering can bring your mechanical designs to life faster while reducing operational risk, cost and time to market in your projects.

Smart Devices & Safety

Smart devices are integral components for smart machines which will bring you to the next level of enhanced productivity.

You can take advantage of machine operational data to make smarter and more informed decisions.

Networks & Security

Smart Machines are connected and integrated with complex automation solutions which need a secure network infrastructure.

The connectivity built on the standardized Ethernet network enables the flow of data across your machines and plant-floor.

By leveraging our robust network solutions and services, we can help you prevent potential cyberthreats and protect your Intellectual Property(IP) even through a remote access.

Thin Client Architecture

ThinManager® thin client management software and its technology allow control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of industrial environment and the number of machines in operation.

Leveraging Thin Client technology in your machines can help end users deliver the right information at the right time to the right people for every plant-wide application to optimize smart machine operations.

Independent Cart Technology

How can you respond to your end users who need to deal with the fast-changing market demands of mass customization and multiple packing options along with the needs for traceability?

Independent Cart Technology (ICT) is an intelligent and efficient alternative to traditional conveyor systems that brings tremendous value to machines with modular, scalable and flexible functionality.

This highly controllable transport and positioning solution can add remarkable value to your smart machines and help you stay competitive.

Advanced Motion

Scalable and high-performing motion control system, linear motors and Robotics integrated with machines bring higher efficiency and throughput.

Rapidly evolved and widely adopted, intelligent motion and Robotics technology improve machine performance and increase simplicity with easy to use programming tools and application code libraries.

This innovative solution helps get your machine up and running faster when commissioning and repairing.

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