Industrial Analytics

Unlock the Power of Your Enterprise Insights

Industrial manufacturing generates huge amounts of operational data at high-speeds, but its very difficult to extract enterprise level insights from it. In manufacturing data, context is king. Without deep understanding of the underlying manufacturing processes and circumstances associated with your OT data, it’s nearly impossible to derive meaningful insights that can be integrated back into the manufacturing process for improved performance.

As further complication, industrial analytics applications often require actionable insights in near-real time. A predictive model for engine failure is only valuable if its prediction comes early enough to avoid the failure. This requires managing a high volume of information generated at the edge and delivering insights to the right person or system with low latency.

These unique challenges make it critical to take an analytics approach specifically tailored for manufacturing to accelerate business outcomes. Our strategic analytics approach and full-stack capabilities accelerate your time to value by simplifying the practice of data science, extending insights to drive action in real time, and enabling flexibility at enterprise scale.

World-class Organizations are Raising the Bar with Industrial Analytics


Increase in annual revenue gained from additional throughput for a whiskey legend


Increase in equipment availability realized for a major tire manufacturer


Reduction in rework for an industry-leading CPG manufacturer

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Can Your Current Analytics Capabilities Take Your Enterprise to the Next Level?

Intelligent Enterprises Become Industry Leaders by Harnessing the Power of Their Data

Simplify Data Science Practice

Democratize data science with analytics solutions from Rockwell Automation that make data science capabilities accessible to anyone. Our solutions accelerate IT/OT convergence and empower domain experts so you can focus on business outcomes that matter.

The Endress+Hauser Process Training Unit (PTU) on May 21 and May 22, 2018 in Greenwood, IN.
Extend Insights to Drive Action in Real Time

The value from analytics is realized only once an action is taken, or not taken, as a result. Integrated, full-stack analytics from Rockwell Automation connect your people and systems to the right insights when they’re relevant to enhance decisions in real time.

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Enable Flexibility at Enterprise Scale

To transform industrial performance, global manufacturing enterprises need to scale analytics insights across the enterprise. Maximize your results from industrial analytics with scalable enterprise insights and the flexibility to deploy analytics.

Drive Real Business Outcomes

Our Industrial Analytics Capabilities Are Critical to Succeed in a Competitive Marketplace

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Asset Performance Monitoring

Manufacturing plant assets are one of your biggest investments, which is why it's crucial to improve the visibility of their utilization on a continuous basis. Our analytics solutions track and monitor asset performance KPIs (asset downtime, waste, production counts, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)) intelligently. The insights drive improvements in utilization, reliability and system efficiency, while extending equipment lifecycle.

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Yield Optimization

To optimize throughput, industrial manufacturers must strike a fine balance between speed and yield. For this, they need a highly- responsive, automated system to control the process and maximize yield. Prescriptive edge analytics provide the closed-loop, low-latency insights needed to respond to changes in conditions at high speeds. The insights can be integrated with your production and business management systems to help lower manufacturing costs while increasing production.

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Quality Control

In high-speed production scenarios, it’s common for quality problems to go undetected for a long time until it affects throughput or the brand. Furthermore, high scrap wastage or energy usage can create quality compliance issues. With enhanced industrial data contextualization at the source, you can not only identify the root cause of a quality issue sooner, but also control costs by reducing energy usage and scrap in the production process—at scale.


Powerful Solutions for Your Digital Transformation

Impactful analytics are foundational to your next transformation initiative – can your current analytics capabilities take your enterprise to the next level? Our intelligent asset optimization solutions can drive your digital transformation. This world-class portfolio includes FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite – a comprehensive portfolio that brings edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning, industrial internet of things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR) to industrial operations.

Our FactoryTalk Analytics portfolio offers a comprehensive array of simplified data science capabilities for multiple personas—process engineers, data scientists, and citizen data scientists—and reduces analytics data preparation effort by up to 70%. Manufacturing organizations can take advantage of end-to-end data orchestration with visual data modeling, open-stack connectivity, pre-built analytical templates, and self-service model deployment for a full-service customer journey—from edge to cloud.

Achieve your potential with Rockwell Automation as your trusted analytics partner

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