Miniature "Ice Cube" Relays


  • Includes blade style terminals
  • Offers 7 or 10 A contact ratings
  • Includes standard ON/OFF flag indicator
  • Includes electrical schematic on faceplate, clear cover for visual inspection
  • Offers incorporated manual override lever (-3 option) with the existing push-to-test button
  • Includes optional lighted status indicator, push-to-test, and manual override

Product Selection


  • CE Marked
  • cULus Listed – File No. E14843; Guide NRNT/NRNT7 (when used with Bulletin 700-HN103, -HN104, and -HN128 sockets)
  • cULus Recognized – File No. E14843; Guide NRNT2/NRNT8
  • LR Certified

Standards Compliance

  • CSA C22.2 No. 14
  • EN 61810-1
  • UL 508
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Resource Publication Number Language
Bulletin 700 General Purpose, Interposing, Solid-State and Specialty Relays Brochure 700-BR018
Relays and Timers Technical Data 700-TD552
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