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Exporting and designing the simplest control cabinet for the United States or Canada can be a challenge. This does not mean that you, or European companies in general, have found it impossible to export to the United States or Canada, but you will probably agree that the process is seldom simple and there are many reasons for this.

The Difference

The different rules established over the years in different industries or regions have led to radically different approaches. Definitions such as “Branch Circuit” and "Feeder", or "Supplementary Protection" and "Limited Energy Circuit", which are cornerstones of the North American system, have no equivalent in the design of industrial installations according to European regulations. The reason for this is not a simple problem of different terminology, but a different conceptual approach.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Even after studying the subject thoroughly, it would be difficult to embrace a logic so different from our own except through basic training that would make it possible for us to understand the origins of these differences. Our primary objective is to bring together two cultures — European and North American — which, despite having developed in radically different ways over the years, share a common goal: a mutual design code capable of establishing rules for operator safety.

North American Standards Program

With a special focus on the regulations governing industrial equipment and components, and aimed at both experienced professionals and novices, our work takes the needs of panel builders and equipment manufacturers alike into account, and includes useful information on primary:

  • Power circuits
  • On-board systems
  • Related auxiliary circuits
  • Electrical motor control and protection

UL Standards Listing for Industrial Control Products

If you are building to the UL 508A standard, this document provides comprehensive information about Allen-Bradley industrial control products. All entries contain relevant UL standard, category and file numbers, with UL category descriptions and relevant UL 508A (2103) paragraphs.

Read the document to find out more about:

  • UL Standard by product type
  • Category Control Numbers
  • UL File Listing Numbers
  • Cross-reference to UL 508A (panel) standard
  • Rockwell Automation part numbers
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Short-Circuit Current Ratings Free Tool

Determining the short circuit current ratings of a complete industrial control panel or control switchgear can be very challenging, especially if proper considerations are not made during the initial stages of the component selection process.

This tool provides coordinated high fault branch circuit solutions for motor starters, soft-starters and component drives.

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