PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology

Our PowerFlex® 7000 Drive System with ArcShield™ technology is the first arc-resistant medium-voltage drive with full regeneration capabilities. The arc-resistant system is certified to meet the most comprehensive set of global arc-resistant standards. This system provides an arc fault rating up to 50 kA and meets Type 2B accessibility protection standards.

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  • Includes rated voltages of 2.4, 3.3, and 4.16 kV, with motor current up to 430 A for synchronous or induction motors
  • Fully integrated CENTERLINE® starter with ArcShield and PowerFlex 7000 drive combination
  • Provides Type 2B accessibility protection up to 50 kA arc rating:
    • Protects personnel while in front, at the side, and at the rear of the enclosure
    • Maintains arc protection when the low voltage door is open for maintenance purposes
  • Provides patented ventilation system technology to prevent arc flash energy from escaping through cooling air intake and exhaust vents
  • Includes EtherNet/IP™ networking communications which provide full integration with Logix control platform
  • Four quadrant operation makes this drive system a more capable energy management solution compared to other technologies
  • Meets arc resistant standards IEEE C37.20.7, CSA C22.2 No. 22-11, IEC 62271-200, IEC 62447-2, EEMAC G14-1

Additional Information

  • PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage Drive with ArcShield Technology — Watch this video to see how the PowerFlex 7000 drive system can help reduce exposure to electrical hazards.
  • Understanding the current risk level of one machine or an entire plant floor is a huge task and many companies do not know where to begin, but we can help.
    • Safety assessments help you comply with current and emerging standards by providing consulting services for safety critical controls. Once a safety assessment is complete, you are provided with complete documentation and remediation suggestions.
    • An Arc Flash Analysis helps identify issues that may lead to an arc flash or blast
  • Learn how the information from our portfolio of Intelligent Motor Control can position you to make better operating decisions, improve system performance, and gain operation efficiencies.
  • Protect your people, productivity, and environment with our integrated Safety Solutions.



  • ANSI
  • IEC
  • IEEE
  • NEMA
  • UL
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PowerFlex 7000 drives incorporate Intelligent Motor Control information and communication capabilities and an intuitive, easy-to-use, color touchscreen operator interface to monitor and control your processes.

Premier integration of Studio 5000 Logix Designer and PowerFlex® Drives

  • Reduces drive system development time by as much as 70%
  • Allows you to configure controller and drive network connections at the same time
  • Allows you to dynamically select drive parameters transmitted as network I/O
  • Offers continued use of Drive Tools™ SP software via import and export functionality
  • Includes built-in drive diagnostic, fault, alarm, and event information
  • Provides one package to configure your entire Logix system
  • Offers integrated drive profiles that reduce system development time

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.


Resource Publication Number Language
PowerFlex Medium Voltage AC Drives Brochure PFLEX-BR010
PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage Drives Safety Brochure 7000-BR002
PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology Product Profile 7000-PP004
PowerFlex Medium Voltage AC Drives Selection Guide PFLEX-SG003
PowerFlex 7000 AC Drive B Frame Installation Instructions 7000-IN007
Reducing Arc Flash Hazards and Minimizing Risk SAFETY-WP015
PowerFlex 7000 AC Drive Transportation and Handling Procedures 7000-IN008
PowerFlex 7000 AC Drive B Frame User Manual 7000-UM202
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