PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Our PowerFlex® 755 AC Drives provide ease of use, application flexibility, and high performance. They include multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features. These drives are well-suited for a wide variety of motor control applications including pumps, fans, and conveyors. With Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™, you can place these drives on the same network as Kinetix® drives. A Dual-port EtherNet/IP™ Option Module supports ring, linear, and star topologies, as well as Device Level Ring (DLR) functionality for fault tolerant connectivity and high drive availability.

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PowerFlex 755 On-Machine Drive

If you’re looking for a variable-frequency drive that combines the performance of the well-established PowerFlex 755 AC drive with the benefits of an on-machine solution, you just found the perfect answer.

Our PowerFlex® 755 On-Machine™ Drive is a simple, cost-effective pre-engineered product that can be mounted right on or near your machine. The drive has an IP66 environmental rating and incorporates I/O, network communications and safety options into a single package that connects easily to your application.

On-machine advantages

Placing your AC drive on or near your machine provides benefits that can save you both time and money. It can also reduce floor space and help to cut downtime. Here’s how:

  • The IP66 enclosure rating allows the drive to be mounted near the machine or motor to reduce the length of cables and installation costs
  • Panels can be smaller, resulting in more available floor space for production
  • Plug ‘n play connections reduce installation and commissioning time
  • Using a pre-engineered solution saves design time and helps with faster installation with fewer mistakes


  • Power ratings:
    • 200...240V: 0.37...132 kW / 0.5…200 Hp / 2.2…477 A
    • 380…480V: 0.75…1400 kW / 1.0…2000 Hp / 2.1…2330 A
    • 600V: 1.0…1500 Hp / 1.7…1530 A
    • 690V: 7.5…1500 kW / 12…1485 A
  • IP00/IP20 NEMA/UL Type Open, flange mount, IP54 NEMA/UL Type 12
  • Pre-engineered Power Option Bay provides cost-effective solution for popular power options
  • Dual-port EtherNet/IP Option Module helps you leverage EtherNet/IP networks, minimize the number of managed switches, and reduce cabling needs when using Device Level Ring (DLR) networks
  • Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) allows Logix controllers to detect a replaced drive and download all configuration parameters automatically
  • V/Hz control, vector control with FORCE® technology, sensorless vector control, and permanent magnet motor control
  • Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP eases drive configuration and control by using profiles and instruction sets embedded in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application
  • Predictive diagnostics for increasing the life of cooling fans and relay outputs
  • Configuration and programming via integral LCD Human Interface Module (HIM), DriveTools SP software, or Connected Components Workbench software
  • Supports easy integration through the embedded EtherNet/IP port and five option slots that support feedback, I/O, safety, and communications modules and an auxiliary 24V DC power supply
Available Safety Options
  • Safe Torque Off option is available as a networked or hardwired solution, both certified at SIL 3, PLe, Cat 3. This option removes rotational power to the motor without removing power from the drive for faster start-up after a demand on the safety system.
  • Safe Speed Monitor option is certified at SIL 3, PLe, Cat 4 option allows you to safely monitor and control the speed of your application. This allows operators to perform some process or maintenance work without stopping the machine.
  • The integrated safety functions option module provides advanced safety on an EtherNet/IP network. Safety instructions are based on IEC 61800-5-2 and include the ability to monitor speed, direction and position. When used as part of an integrated safety system that includes a GuardLogix® 5580ES controller or Compact GuardLogix 5380ES controller, the integrated safety functions option module provides safety ratings up to and including SIL CL3 and PLe Cat 4. Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application version 31 or later is also required.

Additional Information
  • View our PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives Virtual Brochure to learn more about the features and enhancements available in these drives.
  • Watch a video, available in multiple languages, to understand the features and benefits of the PowerFlex 755 AC Drives. CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO, PL, PT, RU, TR, ZH
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    PowerFlex 755 Packaged Solutions

    Choose from a variety of standard packaged solutions that are pre-engineered to streamline your acquisition process. These solutions will help simplify delivery and installation and help ease repeat orders and inventory.

    Select drive, enclosure type, and power options.

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    Safety Solutions

    Protect your people, productivity, and environment with our integrated Safety Solutions. We understand your factory floor challenges and can help you meet your goals with one of the broadest safety portfolios in the industry.

    Product Selection


    • ABS (Frames 2…8, 400/480V AC)
    • ATEX Certified with appropriate options
    • CE
    • C-Tick
    • cUL
    • TÜV FS ISO/EN13849-1 (EN954-1) with Safe Torque-Off option
    • UL
    • GOST-R (Frames 2…8, 400/480V AC)
    • Lloyd's Register (Frames 2…8, 400/480V AC, for drives manufactured before June 28, 2016)
    • RINA (Frames 2…8, 400/480V AC)
    • RoHS compliant materials
    • SEMI F47
    Looking for Additional Information?

    To find additional product information including CAD drawing files, 3D models and more use our Product Catalog.


    Use the following software packages to help configure your drives products.

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    DriveTools SP Software

    DriveTools™ SP is a family of software tools that provides a simplified interface for programming, maintenance and troubleshooting of select PowerFlex® AC and DC drives. Tools include DriveExecutive™ and DriveObserver™ software.


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    The PowerFlex® 755 AC drives meet the needs of a wide range of applications, including:

    • Material handling
    • Metals
    • Mining
    • Oil and gas
    • Refining
    • Tire and rubber