DeviceNet Flat Media

The KwikLink™ flat media system provides a simple, modular cabling method with its flat four-wire cable and Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs). Designed to provide up to 50% savings in installation costs by offering a drastic reduction in labor and materials, the KwikLink system lets you add nodes to the network without severing the trunkline. Cutting or stripping of the trunkline is eliminated, as is the need for predetermined cable lengths. KwikLink offers maximum simplicity while still supporting 64 nodes. A full complement of accessories is available for the KwikLink flat media system.


  • Physical key to ensure proper connection alignment
  • Sized to fit inside 1-in. conduit
  • Highly pliable polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket material

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  • CSA Certified
  • UL Recognized
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Resource Publication Number Language
Connectivity & Network Media Brochure CONEC-BR001
DeviceNet Media System Technical Data 1485-TD001
DeviceNet Media Design Installation Guide DNET-UM072
DeviceNet System Quick Reference DNET-QR001
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