Pico (M8) Connection Systems

Our Bulletin 889P Pico (M8) Connection Systems include cordsets, patchcords, distribution boxes, splitters, V-cables, field-attachable connectors, and panel mount receptacles. Our devices feature industry standard 3- or 4-pin connectors in either thread-on or snap-on styles with straight or right-angle configurations. Cordsets and patchcords feature overmolded connectors and are available in a variety of lengths and cable jacket materials.

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Bulletin 889P Pico (M8) Cordsets and Patchcords provide secure connections for high pin count field devices using M8 style connectors. Featuring an integral male connector on one end and flying leads on the other, cordsets provide fast and simple connectivity between field devices and terminal connections. Patchcords have a cable with integral connector at each end (one male, one female) and are an efficient way to couple connector-based field devices.

Pico (M8) Cordsets & Patchcords
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Bullet 879P Pico (M8) V- and Y- Cables feature screw-on coupling nuts for rugged reliable connection and a highly visible yellow polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket. They provide secure connections for proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, and other field devices.

Pico (M8) V- & Y- Cables
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Bulletin 898P Pico (M8) Splitters and Tees include a single cable with male connector that splits into two female connectors, allowing you to connect two devices to a single I/O port.

Pico (M8) Splitters & Tees
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Bulletin 871A Pico (M8) Screw Terminals are passive devices for use with raw cable. Available in male and female versions, these 4- and 5- pin models contain screw terminals or insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) for quick and easy assembly of custom cables on the plant floor. They are available for use with various cable diameters.

Pico (M8) Screw Terminals
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Bulletin 888P Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles are built for bulkhead or panel installation. These 3- or 4-wire connectors, available in male or female versions, are ideal for use in enclosures and allow for custom wiring configurations.

Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles
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Bulletin 889P Pico (M8) Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs) make it easy to assemble custom QD cables on the plant floor. Connector-to-cable installation requires no tools. Simply insert the unstripped conductors into the connector body, and twist the connector ends together. The result is a durable, gas-tight electrical connection in a rugged IP67-rated housing. These connectors are available in male and female 3- or 4-pin configurations.

Pico (M8) Insulation Displacement Connectors
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Bulletin 898P Pico (M8) Distribution Boxes interface multiple devices to a control system through a single cable. Each passive box features internal-thread female receptacles (4, 6, 8, or 10 depending on model) for easy connection to quick-disconnect mating plugs. All boxes have status indicator versions for use with PNP (sourcing) inputs.

Pico (M8) Distribution Boxes