Technology Challenges in Automotive and Tire

Turn Challenge Into Opportunity With Advanced Automotive and Tire Manufacturing Solutions

Technology Challenges in Auto and Tire

Start solving your technology challenges in the automotive industry to create more competitive operations, prepare for program launches and keep pace with market demands. We can help you build in more flexibility, optimize production, maximize equipment reliability and develop your workforce.

Meet Changing Demands With Flexible Manufacturing

Faster launches. Frequent refreshes. Changing vehicle options. These are just some reasons manufacturing flexibility is a requirement for meeting today’s varying auto market needs.

If flexibility isn’t designed into your operations, it may cause issues down the road. This could be in the form of longer changeovers, more rework, increased downtime and higher costs.

We can help develop a flexible manufacturing strategy that’s right for you by bringing together all the pieces you need: domain and industry expertise, service offerings and partnerships. Working with us, you can create a high-performance, flexible solution that:

  • Reduces product launch times
  • Speeds up changeovers
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Allows for information-driven continuous improvement

Optimize Production, Get the Most from Your Plants

If your plants aren’t prepared for fluctuations in demand, you can end up running beyond capacity. That leads to higher labor costs and missed deadlines. And if workers rush to get back on schedule, they can create unnecessary safety risks and compromise quality.

The constant need to do more with less is met with smart manufacturing. Optimize your processes and address technology challenges with data that already resides in your systems.

For example, you can perform a machine cycle-time analysis and create a roadmap for control-system latency reductions. Remember: even small latency changes can lead to big improvements in system yield.

We can also help you implement a continuous-improvement project to generate actionable data and optimize production.

You may not think of safety as an enabler of better productivity. But it can be. We can help you implement a lockout/tagout alternative that meets your safety requirements while streamlining machine access to improve operational efficiency.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Equipment Reliability

Expected to do more with less? It’s not easy if your equipment is aging, your workers are retiring, or your assets are inefficiently managed.

Counter these workforce and technology challenges with our industry teams who can build a complete asset management reliability plan.

Smart MRO

A connected, data-driven approach to MRO can streamline maintenance and storeroom activities, reduce reliability risks, and create proactive maintenance strategies. And you’ll see the benefits in your bottom line. Smart MRO can increase equipment uptime by up to 20 percent and lower maintenance costs by up to 10 percent.

The Right Approach

We take a strategic approach to maximizing equipment reliability so you can:

  • Prioritize high-impact operations and then scale the plan enterprise wide
  • Leverage our partners to support a proof of concept for new technologies and strategies
  • Reduce inventory by standardizing, consolidating, optimizing, and rationalizing assets

Prepare Your Workforce for More Complex Operations

Skilled workers are hard to find. Increased connections and complexity in your automotive plants means you’ll need more of them. We can help you create a comprehensive workforce strategy to address your skills needs.

This strategy can include:

Training Services: Identify and close skills gaps and improve job performance with cross-training programs to help workers understand your full scope of technology – not just our solutions. And empower your high-potential employees to lead training efforts through “train-the-trainer” programs.

Remote Support: Your workers can quickly resolve technical issues and improve productivity using our phone support. They can also get fast answers to technical questions with our live chat, user forums and Knowledgebase articles.

Asset Management Services: Manage and maximize your facility assets with our scalable asset management solutions. They help you ease staffing burdens, avoid downtime and get back online quickly with minimal impact on production.

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