Media Contacts


Global Media Contacts

Media professionals are welcome to speak with our public relations staff directly. For questions unrelated to media, please either contact your local sales office or your local distributor.

PR Agency

ClearStory International
Joseph Garvey
Tel: +353 (0) 87912 8137
Email: joseph@clearstoryinternational.com

Doug Whelan
Tel: +353 (0) 86191 0586
Email: doug@clearstoryinternational.com

Marketing Communications

Elena Gardiner
Marketing Communications UK and Ireland
Tel: 078 9662 1717
Email: epopova@ra.rockwell.com

EMEA Region

Stan Miller
Manager, Commercial Marketing & PR
Email: samiller1@ra.rockwell.com


Marci Pelzer
Director, Global External Communications
Email: mpelzer@rockwellautomation.com

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