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How Much Does Customization Cost You?

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Providing customization and availability are two of the most important factors in the market today across nearly every industry, from soda flavors to automobiles. This includes industrial control products.

Although customization can boost sales, companies can often be plagued with costs associated with endless variations of finished products with diminishing margins.

The assumption is that sales will increase with more variety as a company better serves the needs of unique customer segments.

However, the rate of operational performance can decrease as the number of options increase and variations cause cannibalization.

There is a fine line to optimizing the right amount of product offerings and low operating costs.

This is particularly true of OEMs, who are constantly challenged to provide as much flexibility with their machines as possible while keeping costs down.

How do you prioritize and allocate manpower? Staff time spent performing basic modifications can mean fewer resources available for designing differentiation, speeding up development time and delivering your machines more quickly.

Preconfigured sub-assemblies – terminal blocks, stack lights and wiring harnesses – allow manpower to be shifted from assembling them to working on machine design.

Even customized panels that include programmable automation controllers (PACs), starters, distributed I/O and other components, can help speed up the machine building process.

Single sourcing highly customized solutions from the same manufacturer of standard products offers:

  • Customer-specific product flexibility
  • Reduction in repeatable product variations
  • Reduction in quality defects
  • Optimized supply chain for availability
  • Reduction in the overall cost of doing business

We offer a wide spectrum of products using customer facing tool sets, including our Product Configuration & Selection Directory, to help you learn more about customization options and their associated lead times.

Learn more about how Modified Industrial Controls can help speed your time to market and lower the total cost to design, develop and deliver your machine.

Keith Sadler
Keith Sadler
Manager Modified Industrial Components Business, Rockwell Automation
Keith Sadler

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